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BrainWhat keeps you from being your best? Is the barrier Medical? Psychological? Stress? Bad Habits? Do you know? Are you sure? And what's the best way to overcome the things that hold you back? These are difficult questions that people wrestle with every day.

At Chamberlin Neuroscience the road to optimal performance begins with answering these questions. Human beings are exceedingly complex and the path to feeling and functioning better is seldom straightforward. It's easy to spend time, energy and money on help that doesn't help. A comprehensive assessment is the first step towards efficient resolution of the barriers that keep you from being your best.

With a comprehensive assessment comes identification of your strengths, and your capacity to adapt. Cutting edge research emphasizes the importance of resilience. Everybody gets knocked down, but what really matters in the long run is how quickly you can bounce back. Increasing resilience is central to fostering success.

A comprehensive assessment also identifies the points of maximum leverage in the Mind-Body System. A person who has low thyroid function needs Synthroid®, not five years of psychotherapy. On the other hand, a person who has irritable bowel symptoms often does need psychotherapy to facilitate expression of anger and needs, not another GI work-up. And the executive who wants to improve concentration and creativity may benefit more from Open Focus attention training techniques than years of medication trials.

How do you know what will give you the most bang for your buck (and time, and effort)? Well unfortunately human beings don't come with an owner's manual. And that makes identifying the points of maximum leverage difficult. In this regard experience treating people in a variety of settings, with a variety of problems, using a variety of tools is extremely helpful. With over twenty years in practice Chamberlin Neuroscience has that experience.

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